[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/14336158[/vimeo]Butterfly Pullups from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.

Found this video through friends on Facebook and it it such a great tutorial I decided to share it. I’ve been working on butterfly pull ups half heartedly for about a year, but I think with these new cues I’ll have it by the end of the month. Why butterfly kip? Well the cycle rate is faster when you are doing pull ups in a CrossFit workout that demands lots of pull ups. It is more efficient than doing a standard strict pull up or a kipping pull up and the work demand is shared over more of the body than just your back and arms. Some of you will say, “Why don’t you just get stronger and just do normal pull ups”, it is a valid point and strict pull ups still have their place, but this is also a new skill and challenging yourself to new things and getting out of your comfort zone is also a part of CrossFit and life.

So my checklist goes from:

  • I can do three pull ups strict
  • I can do lots of pull ups
  • I can do more pull ups by learning how to kip
  • I can do lots of kipping pull ups
  • I can do kipping pull ups
  • I can do lots of kipping pull ups

So this is what I feel the progression is and it is not only about getting stronger, but it is about proprioception and gymnastics movements and controlling your body in space. There is no substitute for strength and all too often I see people who want to kip as a shortcut to getting more pull ups. This is a mistake as they often lack the pre-requisite strength to hold onto the bar as their kip becomes more violent and aggressive. So walk before you can run and show the solid strict pull ups before you move on, but have these goals in the back of your mind.

With the butterfly kip, I’d like to decrease my Fran and Angie times, as well as every other WOD that has many pull ups in them. I’ve put my time in, and have torn my hands with thousands of pull ups. I’ve paid my dues, i’ve got the strength, now to learn the skill, and this time I want it.

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