don't let fitness take a backseat in firefighting

don’t let fitness take a backseat in firefighting


Getting a prowler for our workplace has been one of the best investments we have made with our fitness equipment. We bought ours from Dick’s Sportings Goods and it has held up well to our usage that is shared between 4 shifts.

The Prowler has to be one of the worst and best pieces of fitness equipment out there. Worst because no matter how tired you get, you always seem to be able to keep on pushing it. The prowler is a

Protocol Push Pull Sled

great piece of equipment for the firehall because it needs no special technique or training to use it. Basically people are told to push this sled with weights across the parking lot, and within a short amount of time guys are getting a great workout. I’d like to share a quick workout we do at our hall, its a great teambuilder and a short and snappy full body workout.

Here’s how it works.

Complete 8 rounds of prowler pushes, 50 feet out and back per person. At the end of each round take off 1 plate from the prowler. (See weight diagram below or create your own)

Each person must have a push at each weight. 250 205 160 115 (i’m not even sure if this math is right. If in doubt see below )
Get a length of house to measure out 50 feet or 15 meters. This is the distance you will push the prowler out and back.

Team of 2 tags off every round.

This workout should take approximately anywhere from like 6 minutes to 15 depending on the fitness and strength of the firefighters. Make sure you warm up well before attempting this and let me know how you make out.

Firefighter Prowler Workout

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