Team Airdyne Workout for Calories

calorie airdyne schwinn workoutTeams of 2:

For Calories each partner will alternate through the following sequence.

50-40-30-20-10 for Calories

Partner 1 does 50 calories, partner 2 does 50 calories, partner 1 does 40 calories, partner 2 does 40 calories, complete sequence until each partner completes all the way down until 10 calories.

Workout is for time, although this will vary depending on who your partner is.

This will work with teams of 3 or 4 even. 

Today we had 3 bikes in the game, and there were two teams of two. The reason for the third bike, was that there was a height difference and we didn’t want to waste time by switching seat height.

The work to rest ratio on this workout is approximately 1:1 and the team dynamics allow you to push the pace and intensity beyond what you normally would do.

Give it a whirl, some numbers to shoot for from today:

airdyne workouts for time

Didn’t win this round on the Airdyne

Brian and Heather of (Heather’s Gym) 11:58

Mark and Rob 12:18

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