diy coat hanger snowboard

We moved into a new home in the little Ontario ski town of Collingwood. Being in a new home build I wanted to bring a bit of the chalet style into our new house. One way of doing this was to make a snowboard coat rack. It is a cheap way to add a cool feel to your home, and it is perfectly functional. I wanted to keep with my ski hill theme that goes with my home garage gym.


Time involved 2 hours.

Cost involved $ under $50

You can do it too! 


Learning to help and be crafty.

Step 1. Find a snowboard. I went to a used sporting goods place in town and picked out a board that didn’t have any bindings on it and with colours. This is personal preference and I liked the look off a beat up board. I didn’t clean it, and as a friend said “sometimes the beauty is in the imperfection” I picked it up from the store owner for $15.


Cat’s are still useless and it didn’t help me build anything today.

Step 2. Find hooks that you are going to mount to your board. Once again this is personal but you should have an idea of how long your flat surface of your board is before you go into the store.

Step 3. Grab a couple of lag bolts that will secure your board to the wall. It’s not worth doing unless you can overdo it. I’m sure these bolts are overkill, but I didn’t want it to fall down if my kids were swinging from coat to coat.


Step 4. Figure out where the hooks are going to go on the board and you can dry fit them. You are going to have to put lag bolts in and there has to be space for them to go. The hooks should be centred in the board.

Step 5.  I mounted the board first and made sure it was level. I drilled through the board so the lag bolts didn’t have to fight through the metal of the baseplate for the bindings. I predrilled into the stud and then ran the bolts into the wall with my cordless drill and socket driver.




Make sure the board is level and at the appropriate level. I had to check where the boss wanted this one. Once it is mounted it is easy to attach the hardware and the hooks. Some could debate which order you do this in, but I wanted to make sure that I hit the studs.

Make sure it is level. Once you have done that you can mount your hooks


Make sure you trust your level !

and you are done. Mounting your hooks should really be done from the centre of the board out for symmetry purposes. Make sure you pre- drill

the holes for the hooks.


Total cost breakdown of project: 

Board $15

Coat rack hooks $30

Lag screws $3


Total $48

Tools required:



Drill bit


screwdriver or driver bit for cordless drill

socket set or a wrench to fit the lag screws

tape measure

Have fun and enjoy this little afternoon project! Please leave links to your project in the comments.

coat hanger snowboard



More pictures below.





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