So last week I just spent $27 dollars on a fancy new black and red skipping rope. I also had a broken speed rope from too many double unders on the parking lot. I ordered a spare cable to fix my rope for another $7. Once you add in Shipping of $14 then you have to wonder why a skipping rope costs so much money, and also how do you fix it when you break it!

Go to your local hardware supply store or

big box store and get 11 feet of aircraft cable. Get the 1/16 size cable. This should fix it!

Don’t worry about it being nylon coated, that is just a clever marketing ploy to trick you into thinking that you are buying something a little more special than a piece of cable. Plus it will still hurt like crazy when you whip your shins. Hey look it’s 20 cents a foot! That means you can fix your crazy expensive fancy skipping rope for the cost of a large coffee.

So when you get it home, you realized that the guys at the store did a crummy job of cutting the cable cleanly and you have a frayed end, so you will need a nice pair of wire cutters to make a nice new cut to thread it through the little lock nut deal.

Once you cut that then thread your handle through first and then put the little lock nut deal on there. If you want to go hardcore minimalist then you are done.

If you want to finish it a little bit nicer to customize

your rope so that no one ties knots into it to shorten it because they left their yellow beaded rope at home, then this is what you do. If you don’t finish the cut ends with a crimp or tape or heat shrink wrap then they will fray. If

you have ever had metal strands buried in your hands, then you will agree

with me that this is a good step. I had some metal ferrules for crimping the end of cut bike cables. Your local bike store will have them, or you can come to my place and I’ll give you two. Use a needle nosed pliers or a wire crimper to secure the ferrule in place and bingo bango you are done!

Like I said earlier, no need to worry about the nylon coating, it isn’t going to make a lick

of difference, and it will look scary when you have an all metal rope.

Hope this helps and keep on

rocking in the free world.





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