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Airdyne Workouts

Don’t know what to do, but you have an Airdyne bike? Check out our collection of Airdyne workouts and you too can ride this awful machine.


Paleo Meal Ideas

Do you ever think, eating Paleo is really complicated and confusing. It doesn’t have to be that way! Check out Paleo meal ideas and start feeling great!

Firefighter Workouts

Ever wonder what firefighters do to stay in shape? Check out workouts designed by actual professional firefighters



Kettlebell Workouts

What is the secret training tool of the Russians? It surely is the kettlebell, and we are here to show you a whole bunch of routines to keep you combat ready


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Want to get in touch to talk about your garage gym design, or want to start Crossfitting in Collingwood, then give me a ring.
Dan John’s Strength Standards

Dan John’s Strength Standards

   Dan John's Strength Standards How strong should you be? What should your strength be like in the various skills of Squatting, Pulling, Hip Hinge, and Pressing? Have a look at this excel spreadsheet from Dan John top notch Strength and Conditioning Coach. For...

Whole Life Challenge Mark & Heather’s Gym

Whole Life Challenge Mark & Heather’s Gym

Crockpot Goose Legs Recipe  Isn't goose greasy? I've heard it a million times. There is a significant difference between wild goose and domestic goose. Wild goose is not greasy, and in fact the meat has very little fat, and it quite lean. While goose breasts are part...

Timeless Advice from Jack LaLanne on Being Happy

Timeless Advice from Jack LaLanne on Being Happy

   Whole Life Challenge Mark & Heather's Gym So let's do this together! Whole Life Challenge The Whole Life Challenge is the 56-day online game that allows you to affect lasting change in your life. Heather's Gym and Mark's Gym are combining forces to make a...

Airdyne Workouts for Mountain Biking

Airdyne Workouts for Mountain Biking

Timeless Advice from Jack LaLanne on Being Happy Jack LaLanne was a fitness and health and nutrition advocate. If this film was not a black and white video, you might think that this some recent common sense health and fitness advice. You may remember Jack LaLanne as...

VIDEO: 370 Push-ups in 3 minutes

VIDEO: 370 Push-ups in 3 minutes

Airdyne Workouts for Mountain Biking                     If you ride mountain bikes, than you already know that racing is about suffering. Mountain bike training sessions are about spending time and making payments to...

Push-up Tally for Movember Challenge

Here is the result from my Movember Push up Challenge! In a short 10 days, we garnered a ton of likes and shares on social media as well as raising a couple hundred dollars for the Movember charity. In 1/2 a day with the help of my family I did 370 push-ups to keep my...

7 Quick and Easy Airdyne Workouts!

Looking for a quick workout on the Airdyne? Look no further and download our FREE PDF 7 Quick and Easy Airdyne Workouts! 


P.S. most people love workout #5 ! 

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