20130829-171354.jpgWe had friends George and Andrea Savard from Reebok CrossFit Firepower up this past weekend. They are great friends and run a very sucessful CrossFit box out of Milton Ontario. If you have done any CrossFit courses, chances are you have spent time in Firepower.


I wanted to introduce the Savard’s to the Airdyne as they currently don’t have any in their facility. George said he has been trying to get one for his comp team, but they are pretty scare if you are buying used. I think after our session he is going to find one quickly.

Firepower Airdyne Session
Warm up 1 mile medium pace

Partner workout or 1:1 work : rest ratio

Personally I think that you will get more out of this if you work with a buddy and he gives you numbers to shoot for or some encouragement.

5 x 1/2 mile efforts on the Airdyne.

The effort on these should be in the 8-9 out of 10. They quickly catch up with you and realistically you want to keep all 5 efforts within plus or minus 3 seconds. I wasn’t able to on this one, but I sure turned myself inside out trying. See pick below for our numbers.

On a side note George now hold’s the Mark’s Gym one minute max effort record with a score of 48 calories.

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Our training session.


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P.S. most people love workout #5 ! 

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