I saw this and I thought how true! Mark’s Gym is on Facebook, but increasingly Facebook is not a useful tool to connect with clients or post interesting training articles. The reach of Facebook is limited unless your content is liked or shared on a somewhat frequent basis. You can “boost” your post, which is another way of saying “spend money to have people see your stuff”. Their was a time where you could message all the users of a group or post information on a business page where all users would be notified, but all that has changed.

Facebook’s content is entirely created by their users, not so much unlike Youtube, and yet the world is virtual and entirely disconnected from real life and meaningful relationships. If people swapped the amount of time they currently spend on Facebook with fitness endeavours or event spent that time walking, we’d have a much happier and healthier population.

People are looking for connection and as they go down the rabbit hole of Facebook, they are falling further away real meaningful relationships that business and is built around.

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