Part of getting people to do pull ups or chin ups is making sure that they are moving through that full range of motion, from the bottom hanging position to the top where their chin is over the bar.

Another complimentary method to develop the strength and muscular endurance required to get your client a chin up or a pull up is the isometric or static hold.

Have your clients perform these static holds and you will quickly see their strength increase. Another great way to work towards building strength over the entire range of motion is to have your client jump up into a pull up and then slowly lower themselves down. These “negatives” are quite tough and the time under tension is a great way to work the muscle. This eccentric loading should be used sparingly as it can break down muscle quite well if the athlete cannot hold the position well and the pull ups look more like a jumping pull up where there is lots of “braking” near the bottom of the pull up.

Here is a quick challenge for you. Combo isometric holds with burpees to keep you on the bar.


rest one minute

30 seconds

rest one minute

40 seconds

rest one minute

50 seconds

rest one minute

60 seconds

rest one minute

If you drop from the bar or aren’t in a flexed arm position then you have to start doing push ups until the work cycle is finished.

A great cash out or a challenge to keep your members happy and motivated!

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