Fixing Loose Pedals on the Airdyne

So when you pedal your Airdyne, you feel like the pedal is wobbling all around and it doesn’t feel very smooth. The problem is probably not in the pedal at all, it is probably the wedge pin that holds the crank arm on.

The wedge pin that holds the connector for the pedal gets worn down over time, and if you purchase a new pin, you can tighten up the whole pedal assembly and get back to hammering on the bike without the thought of the arm ripping off!

This piece is called a wedge pin, or may otherwise be known as a french cotter pin. They may be found at your local bike store, and if you are going there, I would take a pin out and take it with you. Remember that Airdyne bikes were made a while ago, and they used parts and pieces from bicycle manufacturing to make the original Airdynes. The old school bicycles used cottered cranks, so you may just get lucky and find the pieces you need at your local shop. Click here for a great article on cottered cranks by Sheldon Brown

You can also buy Airdyne specific wedge pins online here

A few bucks goes a long way in making sure your ride the Airdyne is smooth as butter.

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