crossfitshirtonblackfp1Firepower Training in Milton Ontario is home to a fantastic training facility. Tire flips, ring dips or sprints on their indoor turf, you can do it all close to home. Something you never see in a “globo gym” is olympic lifting platforms with bumper plates which are rubber and are meant to be dropped. The name of the game at Firepower and Crossfit is functional movement peformed at high intensity all while being constantly varied. These workouts are not for the feign of heart, but they are all scalable and you have to start somewhere. Every movement has a purpose with human movement and transferable skills in mind. There are no isolating movements at this facility, as there are no isolated movements in real life. Come check it out and give it a shot. Right now they are offering a week free to come and check it out. Give it a shot, you may become incredibly strong, fast, agile, powerful or all of the above.

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Firepower Training

The Top 7 Airdyne Workouts You've Never Heard of!

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