Pull Push – Kettlebell Challenge

Items Needed:

  • Sled or Prowler
  • Weight approximately 135 lbs
  • 1 Length of 45 mm hose
  • 1 Kettlebell
  • Chalk
  • Watch or timer

With your 4 people you break up into two teams.

The workout is two separate work stations. Team 1 starts with the hose tied to the prowler. First person pulls the prowler across the chalk line on the ground. Once this happens, second person puts the hose over their shoulder and pushes it away from the line until the coupling at the end of the hose crosses the line. Once they do that the work station finishes.

Team 2 shares 1 kettlebell 55 lbs or 70 lbs  1.5 or 2 pood and tries for as many swings as possible while team 1 completes the work cycle. At the end of each round the team marks down their score.

It works out that each work cycle is approximately 30 seconds.

Complete this workout for 10 minutes as many rounds as possible. Team with the highest number of kettlebell swings wins.

This little workout is great for firefighter fitness as it is a great little combo of push pull and core work. Also the added team aspect and competition force the intensity and regardless of who “wins” it is a great little team builder as well.




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