I call it a muscle up progression, you call it "playing"

I left my kids unattended in the garage gym today, as I do most days. I don’t supervise my kids playtime, and as long as they pick up after themselves i’m good with them using the “gym”.  As I walked in today, my oldest daughter was kicking off the wall and swinging hard on the rings, as I watched her flail wildly through the air I noticed a glimmer of gracefulness as she figured out how to go higher. I thought to myself, “Wow that is some great external rotation on the rings at full extension, and what a great kip!” She reminded me of the image of Annie Thorisdottir doing a big kip on the promotional poster for the CrossFit Games. (Can’t find it anywhere on the web, you know what i’m talking about)

She did this a bunch of times until she was tired, not training for anything as she

was just “playing”.  Left to their own devices these little people like to discover their own inner athlete, and enjoy being creative and trying different things. “Play”   is the foundation for how kids will develop great neuromuscular patterns for later on in life.

Have my kids hurt themselves when they have fallen? Check out this vid from a few years earlier, playing on the rings is nothing new for them as it was a normal part of their upbringing. Of course, but i’m ok with that, because they know the risks and still continue to do it because it’s worth it to them. Let them climb things, jump and run off the pavement at recess, and they will shock you with what they can and will do.


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