Bmarks gym collingwood deck of cards workoutack in high school there was this wrestling coach Terry Walzack, who would use a deck of cards for conditioning drills. Each different suit was related to different exercise and the team would get a lot done in a small space and a deck of cards. If you know anything about wrestling, then you know that wrestlers work hard and conditioning is at the heart of who wins or loses the match. Mr. Walzack worked us hard in that dark, small gym and it produced many great wrestlers. The deck of cards method changed from day to day and the deck of cards created a randomized effect. You couldn’t get angry at the coaches because it was all the fate of the cards. The playing cards created a fun conditioning game of chance that served a purpose.

Today we did the entire deck of cards in a bodyweight exercise format. You can randomize the exercises and throw in a couple jokers as wildcards.

Beal's longtime athletic director  says the school, its kids and staff stole the heart of this CCH grad and got into his blood. He says the downtown school helped him build relationships that will last a lifetime and have nothing to do with how full the sports trophy cabinet may be. (MIKE HENSEN, The London Free Press)

Terry Walzak -wrestling coach

Give it a shot, aces can be ones or 10’s or even 15’s. Face cards like jack, queen, king are equal to 10.

You decide, but more isn’t always better. Each suit is face value for the number of each specific exercise. 7 of spades = 7 pull ups. Queen of diamonds = 10 squats. You can go through the entire deck and using this formula you are only doing 81 reps of each exercise, a little bit less than the the CrossFit workout Angie, and more broken up for a higher work capacity. For pull ups you can always sub ring rows or you can do banded pull ups. Give it a shot and let me know how you make out in the comments below.

bodyweight wod

Deck of cards workout

marks gym collingwood trainer

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