There may be some people who feel that Crossfit is a fad and that this style of workout is going the way of the dodo bird. We at Ring TrainingHark Events are big fans of crossfit and we’ve given up the cozy confines of a well lit gym playing easy rock or pop which happens to be the most appealing to the masses . We’ve gone from the “globo gym” to work out in a garage that is just above freezing in the winter and has such limited space that you have to watch that you don’t hit a tool box or a bike rack when doing your hang power cleans or overhead jerks.  The spartan conditions in the garage gym allow me induce a vomiting grueling style workout without wasting an hour or two at the globo gym on the eliptical reading US weekly. Secondly the movements and the workouts are all I need to seek that elite level of fitness with minimal equipment. Homemade rings and medicine balls combined with a barbell and some weights have put me to the limits of my mental and physical capacities. Male abs classes being led by a guy in a sweater and toque tend to lack credibility (to me) and are purely for asthetics. It is a major league waste of time. Crossfit is not. It is more important than brushing your teeth in the morning if you want to live a long healthy productive life and keep fending off the reaper, sloth, and glutony.

Crossfit the Evolution

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