Schwinn Airdynes ready to work

Schwinn Airdynes ready to work

It’s no secret that we really like the Airdyne bikes. We recently purchased another one and the monitor seemed to be a little out of sync with the other bikes. I checked online trying to find if there is any computer way to check the calibration of the monitors, but I was unable to find anything. I think you get what you get

when it comes to these monitors.


If we are using these pieces of equipment as a training tool then we need to know if we are getting consistent readings for work output. Otherwise we would be essentially be putting on a glorified spin class.

airdyne computer monitor ad4

I set out to test each bike to determine the accuracy of the computer monitors and if there is a discrepancy between them, if any. It should be noted that all of my bikes are AD4 large fan models and they have the exact same computer monitor.

The test:

I figured the best way to calibrate them would be a set time trial over a 5 minute period using revolutions per minute on the screen setting. I am going to hold 70 RPM while the clock on the Airdyne counts down from 5:00 minutes. After the 5 minutes are up I will switch the monitor to Calories and see what the total work output is.

Bike 1:  Calorie output 94

Bike 2:  Calorie output 95

Bike 3:  Calorie output 93


I’d say they are pretty consistent, accurate and reliable.


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