edc bag or preppers kit

Examples of EDC bags

EDC bag Aka a “Murse” aka “a Satchel” – Ok… it’s a man bag!

You too can Join the Wolfpack! 

“Its where I keep all my things..I get a lot of compliments on this.. plus it’s not a man purse.. it’s a satchel. ” Alan from the Movie The Hangover

Why does one need a man bag? With so many things to carry these days, keys, phone, a Costanza wallet, I found that it was hard to keep track of everything. I was tired of leaving things all over the place, and that’s why I needed to find a better system.  In my former life as a police officer I had a duty bag that had everything all in one place. I’d grab that bag and go, and it would sit in my cruiser as my portable office which held flashlights, clipboards, paperwork, tickets, a raincoat and assorted pens and highlighters. Having that bag was a way for me to stay organized.

After I left policing, I transitioned to the fire department and once again everything that I needed to work was in my firefighting gear. As long as I had all parts of my uniform, I had all my essential gear. For example my bunker pants carry wooden wedges, pliers, multi tools, structural firefighting gloves, screwdrivers, and other assorted bits of gear that I might need. Once again everything is in one place.

Mitten strings for keys

Before My EDC bag I was always losing my phone, keys, and wallet…


MacGyver and his satchel could conquer the world

My personal life didn’t quite have the same organization, and I struggled with a system to keep all my belongings together in one place. Inevitably I would be asking my wife if she had seen one of the big three: keys, wallet, or phone. Not having these essential possessions at my finger tips was causing me stress and frustrated me. I needed a system, I needed something familiar, I needed a “man bag”! As I searched for solutions online, I found this intriguing world of people who pride themselves on being self sufficient and prepared, I didn’t even know what I was looking for had a name, but I found it as an “EDC” bag or “Everyday Carry”.  Some when they see the EDC bag say “Hey you’ve got a Murse”, but I think they are secretly jealous.

As a kid I was a big fan of the TV show MacGyver. MacGyver carried a backpack with stuff that he combined with things that he found along the way to save the world, he was always prepared and could turn a pop can into a flamethrower. Couple that with a Boy Scout background then you should always “Be Prepared” and the EDC bag allows for that and then some.

satchel or man bag

Contents of EDC or Everyday Carry Bag

Click here for a detailed list of what is in my EDC bag.

bug out bag satchel

Finished man bag – My EDC bag


Want to start carrying your own EDC bag? Then perhaps you should check out these links.

EDC Forums. Full of great photos and discussions about bags and gear.

Wikipedia on EDC

EDC is everyday carry website.

It should be noted that some people don’t carry a bag or satchel, but they just have multi tools and gadgets on their person. I chose to carry a bag because the pockets and pouches allow me to stay more organized.

I’m enjoying the newfound sense of organization and freedom. I’m leading the charge and I don’t care what you call it. It may sound odd, but I relish the fact that I’m generally self sufficient. I don’t need much, and I don’t like asking people for anything (probably to a fault). I’m going to start a man bag revolution and I don’t care what anyone says.

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