Airdyne Workouts for Mountain Biking

Airdyne Workouts for Mountain Biking

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Airdyne Suffer is similar to Mountain Bike Suffer











If you ride mountain bikes, than you already know that racing is about suffering. Mountain bike training sessions are about spending time and making payments to the suffer bank so that you may make a “withdrawal” on race day. Mountain biking is about a great blend of speed, power, and technique, and at the end of the day, the races are really won ahead of time with the training that you have done beforehand.

The Airdyne bike is a great fit for mountain biking training because it involves the entire body, just like mountain biking. When you are racing on a mountain bike you are pumping your arms up and down on the handlebars trying to keep the flow through a section of the trail. Your arms are working to pop you up and over logs and boulder fields. After a long day of riding single track you know that feeling of your triceps ready to fall off because they have been acting as shock absorbers. Mountain biking is not all about leg strength, it is about having a strong upper body and a strong core to bring the total package together. If you want a great resource for learning more about strength and conditioning demands for mountain biking check out professional mountain bike coach James Wilson’s Site here.

Here is a quick workout that I think you will like that meets the demands of a mountain biker. Mountain Biking is not road riding, and the demands are different.

Equipment needed:

  • Rings or TRX for dips and ring pulls

  • Airdyne Bike

  • Tabata Timer

Airdyne Workouts for Mountain Biking

Using a tabata timer set for 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest complete the following 24 rounds. If you don’t have a tabata timer you can find one here on youtube. 

Starting on the Bike complete Airdyne workout for Calories, don’t reset the calorie count in between rounds. Just keep riding hard.

At the end of the 20 seconds transition to ring pulls,

After ring pulls, then transition back to Airdyne in the 10 second “rest”.

Complete another sequence of Airdyne sprint, then transition to ring dips.

The goal on both the ring dips and the ring pulls is to keep moving! So choose a position or use your feet to help you a little in the dips. If you aren’t moving, you aren’t getting any stronger. 

Airdyne Workouts for Mountain Biking

Rich Froning on Airdyne crossfit fittest man on airdyne

Complete the entire 24 rounds alternating between ring rows, and dips.

Here is a sample sequence:

Airdyne Sprint 20 seconds

10 second transition

Ring Rows 20 seconds

10 second transition

Airdyne Sprint 20 seconds

10 second transition

Ring Dips 20 seconds

10 second transition

Airdyne Sprint 20 seconds

10 second transition

Ring Rows 20 seconds

until you are done the 24 rounds or 12 minutes and change.

airdyne mountain biker wod

Airdyne Workouts for Mountain Biking – The Scoring


If you want to keep track, here is how you figure out if you are getting any better. Take your total calories from your Airdyne effort on the bike, and add it to the total number of reps of ring dips and ring pulls combined. Heather’s Gym and I did this workout this morning and it’s a winner.

Please leave a comment with your results

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Airdyne Workouts for Mountain Biking

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