Wife and I were sitting at home feeling sluggish in our Canadian winter with the temperature outside being -21 degrees Celcius. I threw down the challenge of the “Airdyne Triathlon”. It operates a little lower in the power range than I would normally like to use the Airdyne for, but it is a valid test and one that could be fun to pull some multi-sporters in to world of the Airdyne.

Here it is:

2000 meter row

300 calorie Airdyne 200 calories for the ladies. 

1 mile run 

for time. 

airdyne triathlon

The real equalizer is the airdyne calorie discrepancy. If you have one airdyne you can have the one person start on the row while the other starts on the Airdyne. The bulk of this workout is on the airdyne.


two stopwatches for airdyne workout

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Please feel free to leave your times in the Comment section of the page. Good luck!


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