Airdyne 20 Calorie Sprints – Interval Training for the Air Bike! 

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20 Calorie Sprints on the Airdyne

20 calorie sprints on the airdyne, how hard can it be? Can you do 20 calories in less than 20 seconds? Can you do that 10 times? Give it a shot!

Set up Airdyne and have a friend with a stopwatch or set it up on the Airdyne to count down from a minute. I have done this using a partner and a stopwatch.

The goal is to maintain a very fast sprint pace for 20 calories.

Rest two minutes between rounds.

Repeat 10 times.

A very good goal to shoot for is less than 25 seconds for the 20 calories.

The goal standard is 10 rounds each less than 20 seconds.

Happy Dyning!

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max effort airdyne

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