Logan LePlant a young “unschooling” advocate and 13 year old recently talked at TEDx University of Nevada and he brought up some really interesting points about education and where the focus should be. One of the slides in his talk was from Dr. Roger Walsh and forms the backbone of his presentation.

8 Practices that will Keep You Happy and Healthy

Points Paraphrased from Lifestyle and Mental Health by Dr. Roger Walsh 

  • Exercise

  • Diet and Nutrition

  • Time in Nature

  • Contribution and Service

  • Relationships

  • Recreation

  • Relaxation and Stress Management

  • Religious and Spiritual

I found it interesting that these points are very congruent to the feeling that I get when I belong to a CrossFit gym. There is a strong sense of community there as well as exercise, diet and nutrition being the pillars of what makes it so successful.

The group classes make it recreation and where you meet your friends to partake in recreation for relaxation and stress management.

Sometimes the workouts are outside in nature. Religious and spiritual. Some say that CrossFit is a cult. haha, and I’m sure i’ve seen a white light in some of my workouts thinking it was the end.

Just an observation, and quite possibly a formula or perhaps blueprint for what makes gyms or boxes successful. With the new year quickly approaching, lets try to make people happy, and we will see business thrive.


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