pancake monster               My kids love pancakes, they ask for them every morning. I often wonder about the nutritional value in pancakes and worry that my kids will get scurvy, due to the lack of nutrition in the pre made pancake mixes. I’m trying to be practical here; I’ve made paleo pancakes before and my kids won’t touch them. What this post is about is trying to crowbar some nutritional value into a pre existing pancake mix.


eggs in pancakes

Always add more eggs!

1. Double the eggs. Ditch the “just add water” mixes and opt for the ones with “add milk and eggs”. Once you do that, they you can effectively double the recommended requirement for eggs. Bonus points for getting free range, organic, farm fresh eggs.

mmm... berries

Mmm… berries


2. Add some fruit. Adding blueberries or raspberries adds some more yumminess as well as antioxidants. I find that my kids use less syrup when they have the real fruit in the pancakes. You can also mix in apple sauce for some extra flavour / nutrition. Bonus points for no sugar added apple sauce.

get your good fats!

Get your good fats!




3. Add some fat. You have to put something in the pan anyways to keep it from sticking, so why not ditch the cooking spray or margarine and use the real stuff instead. Real butter is making a comeback, and it is a great source of minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. If you aren’t keen on butter then you can also use coconut oil. Just add a couple tablespoons to the pan and melt it down, then add it to the mix. The pan is ready for non stick pancakes, and you’ve added some much needed fat to your kids diet, which is essential for brain function.



fake versus real maple syrup.

fake versus real maple syrup

4. Use real Maple Syrup. Yes, there is a difference. Real maple syrup comes from trees, and is mostly sucrose and some glucose. The cheap maple syrup, is mostly high fructose corn syrup. The taste is way different as well, but there are more nutrients in real syrup such as manganese and zinc, as well as a ton of bioactive phytochemicals which are plant compounds that researchers believe help clean up free radicals in the body. 




5. Ditch the Flour. Wheat and flour is pretty much in everything else we eat, do you really think it’s a bad idea if we stop consuming so much of it? gluten free pancake mixWheat and the protein called gliadin found in gluten is believed to have inflammatory properties due to an immune response which leads to intestinal bloating and joint pain.  I’ve tried various forms of gluten free pancakes, and finally settled on one that my kids approve of. There are also hundreds of recipes for paleo flour free pancakes made with almond flour or coconut flour.



protein powder for working out

6. Mix in some protein powder. Pancakes are all carbohydrates.  Try to balance out the large carb intake with some protein powder. Vanilla seems to work better than chocolate because it keeps the pancakes the same colour. (My kids are onto my scheme so in order to avoid detection you have to be sneaky so as the pancakes have the uniform light delicious non nutritional fluffiness). My kids eat pancakes; this isn’t the optimal breakfast diet for them, but I’m trying to give them a little something else, a little more nutrition to get them started in their day.


When all else fails then you have to make them into shapes like horses…


Did I miss something? Please feel free to add your pancake tips and comments below.

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