We here at Mark’s Gym are a big fan of ring training. Rings turn an ordinary push-up into a challenging movement that recruits more muscles and teaches the body to use it’s stabilizers muscles.

girl on crossfit rings

I found this routine a while back and it is a favourite for not only torching the upper body, but it is also a potent core destroyer.

ring training 100 push ups

Be sure to warm up the arms and shoulders before you jump right into this one. The toughest movements are at the beginning when you are fresh, so be sure to ease into the exercises and you can always come back to them at the end if you feel that you didn’t push your range of motion or need more of a certain exercise.

Rings at the Firehall

Rings at the Firehall

When you are starting with ring push-ups you will notice that because of the dynamic plane of the ring that a seemingly simple push-up or dip becomes very difficult. Let’s walk before we run, and start with the rings up a little higher off the ground so that not so much of your weight is over the rings. Once you do this a few times you can find variations that make it more difficult.

Click here for the video: http://youtu.be/c5EAbbI7W4Y

Original information from http://www.ringtraining.com/pages/articles/100pushups.htm


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