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custom training program

A one size fits all approach may work over time. But do you have unlimited time? At Mark’s Gym we now are offering custom training plans that will get you in shape and give you some direction while you are working out with focus and dedication with a PLAN!

  • Do you need to LOSE WEIGHT?
  • Get ready for a Police Test?
  • Ski season around the corner?
  • Want some direction to get Stronger?
  • Have an injury that you want to work around?

Training plans are created in 6 week blocks. They are all completely customized to the skills that you possess, and the equipment that you have access to. Sometimes you just need a plan and know that someone is holding you accountable to your training. This is why a custom training plan is a great thing. These training plans cut out the unnecessary “GPP” or General physical preparedness, and let you train specifically on your weaknesses or “train for a test”. This is no peanut butter method where we do a whole bunch of everything and hope something sticks.

With a custom training plan, and some input from you we can work together to give you some direction no matter where you are. So what are you waiting for? For the cost of a couple hours of personal training you can have your next month and half of training planned out for you!

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Cost $120  What it includes:

  • 1/2 hr consult on phone or online
  • a custom 6 week training plan
  • access to the proper videos and warm-ups for the workouts
  • A plan to get your results!

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