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Airdyne Workouts

Don’t know what to do, but you have an Airdyne bike? Check out our collection of Airdyne workouts and you too can ride this awful machine.


Paleo Meal Ideas

Do you ever think, eating Paleo is really complicated and confusing. It doesn’t have to be that way! Check out Paleo meal ideas and start feeling great!

Firefighter Workouts

Ever wonder what firefighters do to stay in shape? Check out workouts designed by actual professional firefighters



Kettlebell Workouts

What is the secret training tool of the Russians? It surely is the kettlebell, and we are here to show you a whole bunch of routines to keep you combat ready


Drop Me a Line

Want to get in touch to talk about your garage gym design, or want to start Crossfitting in Collingwood, then give me a ring.
Free Adventure Racing Clinic – Friday Feb 20th

Free Adventure Racing Clinic – Friday Feb 20th

Paddling through the water, stomping around the woods, zipping through a twisting rock strewn decent on your bike, as if you are being chased by a pack of wolves. Does this sound exciting? If it does, then you should try adventure racing! There is no better place to start than with a free info session from experienced adventure racers at Hark Events.

Firepower Training / Milton Crossfit

Firepower Training / Milton Crossfit

Firepower Training in Milton Ontario is home to a fantastic training facility. Tire flips, ring dips or sprints on their indoor turf, you can do it all close to home. Something you never see in a “globo gym” is olympic lifting platforms with bumper plates which are rubber and are meant to be dropped. The name of the game at Firepower and Crossfit is functional movement

CrossFit is never going to go away

CrossFit is never going to go away

We at Hark Events are big fans of crossfit and we’ve given up the cozy confines of a well lit gym playing the most appealing to the masses easy rock. We’ve got from this to work out in a garage that is just above freezing in the winter and has such limited space that you have to watch that you don’t hit a tool box or a bike rack when doing your hang power cleans or overhead jerks. The spartan conditions in the garage gym serve two purposes.

7 Quick and Easy Airdyne Workouts!

Looking for a quick workout on the Airdyne? Look no further and download our FREE PDF 7 Quick and Easy Airdyne Workouts! 


P.S. most people love workout #5 ! 

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