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Mark’s Gym, was an idea that was born out of a desire. A desire to share my passion for understanding the latest health and fitness trends. And while Mark’s Gym started as a blog; a creative outlet for myself – I found more and more people were contacting me for training and nutrition advice. Mark’s Gym evolved to meet  this growing demand for high quality coaching that produced results. Now, the gym operates as a training facility for individuals or small groups who are looking to take their performance to the next level. Fitness made simple…Not easy.

The original Mark’s Gym started in 2007 in my garage.

heather crossfit garage

Original Mark’s Gym circa 2007

I always enjoyed working out in my garage as it was convenient and I could focus on the type of training that I felt was smart, time and energy efficient. It was also important to me to be able to function for work the next day in the emergency services and my goal wasn’t to have that feeling of being annihilated. Having 3 kids and being married I had certain responsibilities and time commitments that made Mark’s Gym a great option for me to get my workout in and get my daily dose of fitness.

The problem with going to the “gym” or “box” was that is was an hour and a half commitment that I didn’t always have. I was frustrated with the options that were out there. After all, wasn’t exercise supposed to make me feel better, and healthier, and happier!?

Eventually, I found that I enjoyed working out more with friends and family at Mark’s Gym. No posturing, no egos, no eliteness. It was a fun accommodating atmosphere that made the hard work more bearable.

collingwood crossfit

Mark Coaching at Reebok CrossFit FirePower

The solution:

Although Mark’s Gym was never really intended to be a micro-gym or garage gym where I would do personal training or small group classes, it evolved into that out of desire to do something better.

marks gym collingwood athleteI truly enjoy coaching others and seeing them get better, healthier, and become empowered. I have no aspirations to go to the World Series of Fitness, but rather enjoy fitness as a personal journey that doesn’t have to be competitive in nature. Mark’s Gym fitness philosophy is pretty clear and constantly evolving with new ideas and new information. It is not just based on cliches or old training dogmas.

As one door closes, another opens, and thus Mark’s Gym was officially born in February of 2014. Great things can happen in small places and those like minded individuals that want to find me. I am moving forward and blazing my own trail, and you are welcome to follow. Try to keep up 🙂


mark arnold on the beach
Mark has been involved with Coaching CrossFit since 2007 and is a Olympic Lifting instructor as well as an endurance coach. Mark has coached at various CrossFit boxes across the province and has taught hundreds of athletes & fitness classes. 
Mark’s teaching experience is widely varied from instructing Law at the College level, to instructing police officers in Use of Force techniques including combat shooting and self defence.
With a sporting background in Rugby, Wrestling, Shooting, as well as competing and organizing adventure races, Mark has sought challenging and rewarding careers, and enjoys doing hard work. Few people can say that they have successfully beat the odds and passed the selection process and been hired as a Firefighter, a Police Officer, and as an Naval Reserve Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. 
Mark is happily to married to Heather from Heather’s Gym and has 3 girls who keep him busy.

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