Training Philosophy

IMG_1936Mark’s Gym – “Fitness Made Simple – Not Easy”

I chose this simple motto as the background of my training philosophy.  There are no shortcuts, but there are pitfalls, and I can steer you in the right direction to help you avoid them, with hard work comes good things.  Fitness and health has been a lifelong passion for me, and I operate at the limits of my understanding and knowledge. I’ve got years and countless hours working with people in the fitness industry at various facilities such as Reebok CrossFit FirePower and Indestri CrossFit. Being able to train so many different people and work with a great number of fantastic coaches has allowed me to see and experience different problems and challenges that have made me a better trainer. I try to learn a little from everyone I train and work with.

At this stage in my life I look at fitness as being a lifelong goal, and it is not just about what rep scheme and frequency you are doing with your weight set. I like to take a more holistic approach with your overall health and wellness. Sleep, nutrition, stress, work, and family all play an important part in making you better and allowing you to train hard and consistently.

Designing a program that would grind you into the pavement and chop you into pieces is actually quite easy. What is more difficult and what I try to do, is develop something more tailored to you needs that focuses on “minimal effective dose”.  I want to give you just enough that your body can recover and that you can still feel that “good sore”, but not that “oh my god I can’t stand up” sore. I want you to be able to function in your job or your work and then be able to get back into the gym and to be functional and train again with renewed vigour.

This doesn’t mean that it is going to be easy, oh far from it. But we walk before we run. I want to make you stronger both mentally as well as physically. We will develop a great set of movement patterns and give you flexibility and range of motion.  Once we develop those steps or establish that you move well, then I will add weight, and then ask you to go faster!

I’m not here to listen to you complain, or be a receptacle where you hurl all of your excuses. I will listen to what you say, but there is a difference, and I come from a culture of work and play where excuses aren’t constructive, and you take responsibility for yourself and your decisions. Taking control of your thoughts will lead to an “unbeatable mindset “, and this byproduct of tough training will allow you to “become comfortable with being uncomfortable”. Years of work in the Emergency Services in both the Police and Fire has developed and instilled a mindset where “You must win and never give up” or you may not come home.  Perhaps the greatest asset of physical training is the mental toughness that you will gain. Your mind is a very powerful thing.

My understanding of the training and methodologies evolve as I learn more and I find what works better, I’m not afraid to ask questions and test theories about different ways to train and get better. I like to train smarter and not always harder. There is a prevalent belief in endurance training circles and the new wave of fitness trainers that more is better. I don’t believe in that. Quality trumps quantity.

As for the training and the hard work, well It’s about you and what you want.  I’m here to help you reach your goals. If you are ready, serious, and committed, then I can help.


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