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Comparing the Airdyne to the Air Assault Bike


Comparing the Airdyne to the Air Assault Bike – Calorie Output

In doing the #first2fifty Bike challenge on the Airdyne, I noticed that across the interwebs that there was a large discrepancy between different types of Bikes. The classic Schwinn Airdyne has been the model that everyone had first started with and used forever. Over the years, the Schwinn Airdyne has made several different versions of their fan bike. The AD4 and AD6 are just two of those models. I’ve found that the power output between these two models of the same brand that the calorie output (which some workouts are based upon) is different, so it’s very difficult to compare workout times or even create a good workout if the time domains are different for the same work output.

Here at Mark’s Gym, we have AD4 model Schwinn Airdynes. I’ve checked them all in a simple calibration test and found that they were all very similar in terms of their calorie output.

I found that some heavy hitters were unable to crack a minute on the AD6 Schwinn Airdyne, and the Air Assault Bike seems to be 40 % harder in terms of calorie output according to Mike Boyle from MBSC. If you are doing a 300FY or a First2Fifty, then it really matters what machine you are using. It would be nice to develop a working guide to help people compare machines.

So here is a simple test, if you can help me out maybe we can compare machines and keep the workouts similar.


Here is all you need to do. 

Start from a stopped flywheel.

10 minutes at 75 rpm.

At the end of the 10 minutes stop the bike and don’t let it run out.

Note how many calories were burned during that time.

Note the distance travelled.

Leave your comments below and I will put together a nice spreadsheet detailing the output of the bikes.


Type:                          Calories           RPMS

Airdyne AD4                     228                75


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First to 50 Airdyne Challenge #first2fifty

50 Calorie Airdyne Challenge

The first to 50 Airdyne Challenge is a big new thing that is making the social media rounds.

It’s sort of like the ice bucket challenge except more like getting hit by a train.

It’s simple. 50 Calories on the Airdyne or Air Assault Bike for time.  

No Rolling starts. 


The times on the Airdyne and the Air Assault bike are going to be quite different and harder on the Air Assault bike for Calories.

For more ideas on Airdyne workouts click here.  

Check out #firsttofifty on Instagram and check out some of the efforts and scores.

50 calorie airdyne challenge









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VIDEO: 370 Push-ups in 3 minutes

movember_push_up_challengeHere is the result from my Movember Push up Challenge! In a short 10 days, we garnered a ton of likes and shares on social media as well as raising a couple hundred dollars for the Movember charity. In 1/2 a day with the help of my family I did 370 push-ups to keep my word and raise awareness for the cause.

Thanks to all who supported me, one of these days I will be able to life my hands about my waist and brush my teeth.


100 Ring Push Up Workout

We here at Mark’s Gym are a big fan of ring training. Rings turn an ordinary push-up into a challenging movement that recruits more muscles and teaches the body to use it’s stabilizers muscles.

girl on crossfit rings

I found this routine a while back and it is a favourite for not only torching the upper body, but it is also a potent core destroyer.

ring training 100 push ups

Be sure to warm up the arms and shoulders before you jump right into this one. The toughest movements are at the beginning when you are fresh, so be sure to ease into the exercises and you can always come back to them at the end if you feel that you didn’t push your range of motion or need more of a certain exercise.

Rings at the Firehall

Rings at the Firehall

When you are starting with ring push-ups you will notice that because of the dynamic plane of the ring that a seemingly simple push-up or dip becomes very difficult. Let’s walk before we run, and start with the rings up a little higher off the ground so that not so much of your weight is over the rings. Once you do this a few times you can find variations that make it more difficult.

Click here for the video:

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Isometric Holds for Chin Up & Pull Up Strength


Part of getting people to do pull ups or chin ups is making sure that they are moving through that full range of motion, from the bottom hanging position to the top where their chin is over the bar.

Another complimentary method to develop the strength and muscular endurance required to get your client a chin up or a pull up is the isometric or static hold.

Have your clients perform these static holds and you will quickly see their strength increase. Another great way to work towards building strength over the entire range of motion is to have your client jump up into a pull up and then slowly lower themselves down. These “negatives” are quite tough and the time under tension is a great way to work the muscle. This eccentric loading should be used sparingly as it can break down muscle quite well if the athlete cannot hold the position well and the pull ups look more like a jumping pull up where there is lots of “braking” near the bottom of the pull up.

Here is a quick challenge for you. Combo isometric holds with burpees to keep you on the bar.


rest one minute

30 seconds

rest one minute

40 seconds

rest one minute

50 seconds

rest one minute

60 seconds

rest one minute

If you drop from the bar or aren’t in a flexed arm position then you have to start doing push ups until the work cycle is finished.

A great cash out or a challenge to keep your members happy and motivated!

300 FY Tips and Hints – How to Conquer it

schwinn airdyne

The 300 FY is a workout from Gym Jones. This workout is simple, but very difficult to complete due to the power output required. If you don’t get 300 calories in 10 minutes than you haven’t completed it. The 300 FY is an Airdyne workout. If you aren’t familiar with the Airdyne, this is why it is one of the best (if not the best) cardio equipment pieces made. 

While looking at pacing strategies for the “300 FY”, I looked at just going hard right out of the gate. While I was able to exceed 30 calories a minute for the first few minutes, I quickly became fatigued and then ended up well short of the 300 calories. A better strategy to complete this workout would be the old strong and steady not wasting any effort and aiming to just make the 300 mark. Rob MacDonald from Gym Jones has an impressive score of 402 calories for the 300 FY, and I think that this workout favours serious power production that the big guys  can crank out. Watch 300FY tips and Hints Video here

One of the biggest tips that I can think of for power production on the Airdyne is correctly fitting the seat height. If your seat is too low, you are going to really feel your quads burn. Too high and you won’t be able to push hard.  So sit on the Airdyne and then put your heel on the pedal and have the crank arm go to the bottom. Your leg should be almost straight while in this position. With a correctly fitted seat, when you move the middle of your foot to the pedal your leg should be slightly bent. I am 5’11 and I have my seat set at position #9 on the Airdyne posts for an AD4. After I struggled with the big fat seat seat that comes with the Airdyne, I changed mine and found a more comfortable seat that allowed me to push much harder without being uncomfortable. Play around with this and test what works for you, so people have longer femur bones so a standard chart of height and seat height will get you close, but it won’t be as precise as you need it for optimal power output. proper seat height airdyne


The second point that I have is a pacing strategy.

I have found that by using RPM on the monitor you are able to more accurately control your power output and not use excess energy. See the below chart

85 RPM produced over 30 calories pretty consistently. 83 RPM’s may put you bang on 30 calories if you are continuing to do 30 calories minutes back to back.

300 fy pacing


3. Preparing for the 300 FY. This isn’t a workout that you should start out with cold. You need to be warmed up and have your lungs ready to work. Your legs will also need to be ready to fire and hang on for the 10 minutes. Get a good warm up in and be ready to work with a consistent pace to achieve your goals.

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Good luck and share your tips and hints in the comments section below.