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Fixing Loose Pedals on Airdyne

Fixing Loose Pedals on the Airdyne

So when you pedal your Airdyne, you feel like the pedal is wobbling all around and it doesn’t feel very smooth. The problem is probably not in the pedal at all, it is probably the wedge pin that holds the crank arm on.

The wedge pin that holds the connector for the pedal gets worn down over time, and if you purchase a new pin, you can tighten up the whole pedal assembly and get back to hammering on the bike without the thought of the arm ripping off!

This piece is called a wedge pin, or may otherwise be known as a french cotter pin. They may be found at your local bike store, and if you are going there, I would take a pin out and take it with you. Remember that Airdyne bikes were made a while ago, and they used parts and pieces from bicycle manufacturing to make the original Airdynes. The old school bicycles used cottered cranks, so you may just get lucky and find the pieces you need at your local shop. Click here for a great article on cottered cranks by Sheldon Brown

You can also buy Airdyne specific wedge pins online here

A few bucks goes a long way in making sure your ride the Airdyne is smooth as butter.

5 Rounds of Intervals Airdyne and Deadlifts 

5 Rounds of Intervals Airdyne and Deadlifts 

Airdynes and Deadlifts Intervals

A short little workout today, It’s a tough little one that pushes you past your anaerobic threshold. The airdyne bike gets your heart rate up, and then you go lift some heavy weight quickly. Not so bad for the first couple of rounds, but then it catches up with you. We did this as a warm up for our olympic lifting today.

5 rounds of:

29/20 calories of Airdyne – 10 deadlifts at 205 lbs /135 lbs

Rest 1:00 minute and repeat five times.

Total time of workout includes rest.

Did it today in 10:37 at CrossFit Mozomo


Airdyne 20 Calorie Sprints

Airdyne 20 Calorie Sprints – Interval Training for the Air Bike! 

airdyne sprint

max effort on the airdyne

20 Calorie Sprints on the Airdyne

20 calorie sprints on the airdyne, how hard can it be? Can you do 20 calories in less than 20 seconds? Can you do that 10 times? Give it a shot!

Set up Airdyne and have a friend with a stopwatch or set it up on the Airdyne to count down from a minute. I have done this using a partner and a stopwatch.

The goal is to maintain a very fast sprint pace for 20 calories.

Rest two minutes between rounds.

Repeat 10 times.

A very good goal to shoot for is less than 25 seconds for the 20 calories.

The goal standard is 10 rounds each less than 20 seconds.

Happy Dyning!

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max effort airdyne

airdyne sprint times


Comparing the Airdyne to the Air Assault Bike


Comparing the Airdyne to the Air Assault Bike – Calorie Output

In doing the #first2fifty Bike challenge on the Airdyne, I noticed that across the interwebs that there was a large discrepancy between different types of Bikes. The classic Schwinn Airdyne has been the model that everyone had first started with and used forever. Over the years, the Schwinn Airdyne has made several different versions of their fan bike. The AD4 and AD6 are just two of those models. I’ve found that the power output between these two models of the same brand that the calorie output (which some workouts are based upon) is different, so it’s very difficult to compare workout times or even create a good workout if the time domains are different for the same work output.

Here at Mark’s Gym, we have AD4 model Schwinn Airdynes. I’ve checked them all in a simple calibration test and found that they were all very similar in terms of their calorie output.

I found that some heavy hitters were unable to crack a minute on the AD6 Schwinn Airdyne, and the Air Assault Bike seems to be 40 % harder in terms of calorie output according to Mike Boyle from MBSC. If you are doing a 300FY or a First2Fifty, then it really matters what machine you are using. It would be nice to develop a working guide to help people compare machines.

So here is a simple test, if you can help me out maybe we can compare machines and keep the workouts similar.


Here is all you need to do. 

Start from a stopped flywheel.

10 minutes at 75 rpm.

At the end of the 10 minutes stop the bike and don’t let it run out.

Note how many calories were burned during that time.

Note the distance travelled.

Leave your comments below and I will put together a nice spreadsheet detailing the output of the bikes.


Type:                          Calories           RPMS

Airdyne AD4                     228                75


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airdyne workouts list





First to 50 Airdyne Challenge #first2fifty

50 Calorie Airdyne Challenge

The first to 50 Airdyne Challenge is a big new thing that is making the social media rounds.

It’s sort of like the ice bucket challenge except more like getting hit by a train.

It’s simple. 50 Calories on the Airdyne or Air Assault Bike for time.  

No Rolling starts. 


The times on the Airdyne and the Air Assault bike are going to be quite different and harder on the Air Assault bike for Calories.

For more ideas on Airdyne workouts click here.  

Check out #firsttofifty on Instagram and check out some of the efforts and scores.

50 calorie airdyne challenge









airdyne workouts list


Team Airdyne Workout for Calories

Team Airdyne Workout for Calories

calorie airdyne schwinn workoutTeams of 2:

For Calories each partner will alternate through the following sequence.

50-40-30-20-10 for Calories

Partner 1 does 50 calories, partner 2 does 50 calories, partner 1 does 40 calories, partner 2 does 40 calories, complete sequence until each partner completes all the way down until 10 calories.

Workout is for time, although this will vary depending on who your partner is.

This will work with teams of 3 or 4 even. 

Today we had 3 bikes in the game, and there were two teams of two. The reason for the third bike, was that there was a height difference and we didn’t want to waste time by switching seat height.

The work to rest ratio on this workout is approximately 1:1 and the team dynamics allow you to push the pace and intensity beyond what you normally would do.

Give it a whirl, some numbers to shoot for from today:

airdyne workouts for time

Didn’t win this round on the Airdyne

Brian and Heather of (Heather’s Gym) 11:58

Mark and Rob 12:18

Firefighter Circuit Workout 4 person

Firefighter Circuit Workoutfirefighter workout circuit


This won’t take that long, but it will just get you moving and the work cycles are short.

Pick a weight that you can move for the entire 35 seconds of work. If the bar or weight isn’t moving, you aren’t getting any fitter.

Set your timer for 35 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest for 20 cycles.

For other firefighter workouts click here. 


Try Metcon Blue in Collingwood



Dan John’s Strength Standards


Dan John's Strength Standards

 Dan John’s Strength Standards

How strong should you be? What should your strength be like in the various skills of Squatting, Pulling, Hip Hinge, and Pressing?

Have a look at this excel spreadsheet from Dan John top notch Strength and Conditioning Coach. For the excel spreadsheet and the PDF version of Dan Johns Strength Standards click below.

Click here for Link : Strength-Standards

Click here for PDF: Strength-Standards

For the excel spread sheet, you can input your score in the section that says “Me” and it will give you a representative chart that would show you where you need to spend more of your time to balance out your strength.


Click here for more CrossFit Inventory Skills 

 Dan John’s Strength Standards For Men:

Expected = Bodyweight bench press
Game-changer = Bodyweight bench press for 15 reps
Expected = 5 pullups
Game-changer = 15 pullups
Expected = Bodyweight to 150% bodyweight deadlift
Game-changer = Double-bodyweight deadlift
Expected = Bodyweight squat
Game-changer = Bodyweight squat for 15 reps
Loaded Carry
Expected = Farmer walk with total bodyweight (half per hand)
Game-changer =Bodyweight per hand
One left and right, done with a half-filled cup of water

For Women:

Game-changer = Bodyweight bench press
Game-changer = Three pullups
Game-changer = 275-pound deadlift
Game-changer = 135 for five in the back squat
Loaded Carries
Game-changer = 85 pounds per hand
One left and right, done with a half-filled cup of water

Dan Johns Strength Standards High School Standards, for Girls Varsity: Big Silver Club (Girls)

One Arm Bench 12kg10 Right/10 left
Standing Press 70
Power Clean 95
Deadlift 205
Back Squat 135
Front Squat 95
Power Clean & Jerk 75
All done in one workout, by the way.

Dan Johns Strength Standards High School Standards, for Boys Varsity
Big Blue Club (Boys)
One Arm Bench 32kg5 Right/5 left
Standing Press 115
Power Clean 205
Deadlift 315
Back Squat 255
Front Squat 205
Power Clean & Jerk 165

Men’s Standards

Squat Movement

1. Proper Form in the Goblet Squat
2. Goblet Squat: 24K x 10
3. Double KB Front Squat: 32K x 10
4. Bodyweight Back Squat
5. Bodyweight Front Squat
6. Bodyweight Back Squat x 15
7. Bodyweight Overhead Squat x 15

Press Movement

1. Push Ups x 10
2. One Arm KB Press: 24K x 5 per Side
3. Double KB Press: 32K x 5
4. Bench Press: Bodyweight
5. One Arm Overhead Press: ½ Bodyweight
6. Bench Press: Bodyweight x 15
7. Two Arm KB Press: Bodyweight

Hip Hinge Movement

1. Hip Hinge with Proper Form (From stand, floor and loaded)
2. Kettlebell Swing: 24K x 20 (Proper Form)
3. Double Kettlebell Clean: 32K x 10
4. Barbell Clean: Bodyweight
5. Barbell Deadlift: Double Bodyweight
6. Barbell Snatch: Bodyweight
7. Barbell Deadlift 2.5 x Bodyweight

Pull Movement

1. Batwings, thumbs in armpits, 16K x 10 seconds
2. Bodyweight Row on Rings/TRX x 20
3. Bodyweight Row, feet elevated, x 10
4. Chin Ups x 5
5. Pull Ups x 8-10
6. Pull Ups x 15
7. Weighted Pull Up with 48 K

Dan John’s Strength Standards For Women 

Squat Movement

1. Proper Form in the Goblet Squat
2. Goblet Squat: 12K x 10
3. Double KB Front Squat: 16K x 10
4. Back Squat: 135 x 5
5. Bodyweight Back Squat
6. Bodyweight Front Squat
7. Bodyweight Overhead Squat

Press Movement

1. Push Ups x 1 (Excellent Pushup)
2. One Arm KB Press: 10K x 5 per Side
3. Double KB Press: 12K x 5
4. Double KB Press: 16K x 5
5. One Arm Overhead Press: 1/3 BdWt
6. Bench Press: Bodyweight
7. Two Arm KB Press: 2/3 Bodyweight

Hip Hinge Movement

1. Hip Hinge with Proper Form (From stand, floor and loaded)
2. Kettlebell Swing: 16K x 20 (Proper Form)
3. Double Kettlebell Clean: 16K x 10
4. Barbell Deadlift: 1.5 x Bodyweight (or 135×5)
5. Double KB Swings: 24K x 10
6. 5:00 Minute Snatch Test: 16K x 100
7. Barbell Deadlift 2 x Bodyweight (275lbs.)

Pull Movement

1. Batwings, thumbs in armpits, 8K x 10 seconds
2. Bodyweight Row on Rings/TRX x 20
3. Bodyweight Row, feet elevated, x 10
4. Chin Ups x 1
5. Chin Ups x 3
6. Pull Ups x 3
7. Weighted Pull Up with 24 K

 For more of Dan John’s work please go to his website

12 Days of Christmas Song Workout – A Holiday WOD Inspired by the Song

12 Days of Christmas Workout

12 Days of Christmas Song Workout

 A Holiday WOD Inspired by the Song

Have you been indulging a little too much when it comes to the sugar cookies and egg nog? Perhaps you have been enjoying the holiday cheer a little too much? The holidays are time to see friends and enjoy great friends and to be be merry, but sometimes your workout routine suffers during the holidays. Here is a surefire way to kickstart your healthy habits again and to perhaps even feel less like a bowl full of jelly over the holidays.

This is a 12 Days of Christmas Song Workout! Here is how it works:

You start with day 1, and sing it like the song. On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…. and then you do One twenty second plank hold..

Next would be : On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me. Two pull-ups, and One twenty second plank hold.  This holiday song workout is a ladder of exercises and you keep on adding one more exercise to the mix until you get to 12 days, and then you work your way all the way back to day one. I think you will find that this metabolic conditioning type workout will be a hit with the CrossFit type crowds at the gym, due to it’s high rep nature. Feel free to mix up the types of workouts depending on what you have for equipment. Remember than when doing this 12 days of Christmas workout, you will do the number of reps that correspond to the day. For example in this workout you will do 7 push-ups, 6 tuck jumps, 5 Russian kettlebell swings.. and on and on until you get all the way to day 12 and back down to one like the song.

I tried this today with some others, and the combos worked out well.

12 Days of Christmas Workout

1. 20 Second Plank Hold

2. Pull-ups

3. Burpees

4. Russian Twists. (Each side counts as One)

5. Russian Kettlebell Swings

6. Tuck Jumps

7. Push-ups

8. Flutterkicks (four count counts as one rep)

9. Walking lunges (each step is one rep)

10. Push Press

11. Goblet Squats

12. Star Jumps

Let us know how you made out and what combos of weights you used.