Month: April 2014

Venison Tenderloin Marinade – Simple and Easy

bowhunting meat

I hunt. No apologies about this fact. Trying to get the highest quality meat that isn’t farm grown or raised in a commercial operation is important to me. The tenderloins are arguably the best cuts of meat from an animal and really do not need a lot of messing around to make them taste great. I’ve tried this recipe and it is quick simple and easy, and doesn’t overpower the flavour of the meat.

Quick-and-Easy Venison Marinade Ingredients:

¼ cup apple cider (or apple juice)

¼ cup Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp dried rosemary

2 tsp garlic powder, or 2 cloves garlic, crushed

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp sea salt

½ tsp ground black pepper

Put all the ingredients into a large zippy bag and mix well. Then, add the meat and refrigerate for between 2 and 24 hours. The longer you leave it, the more those flavors will infuse themselves into the meat, so don’t be afraid to leave it overnight. Just like that, you’ve got steaks ready for the grill. Enjoy!

Stolen Bike in Collingwood – Let’s Find This!


Stolen Bike Collingwood

There are a few things that I’ve learned since I’ve moved to Collingwood.

1. It’s a small town where everyone knows everyone.

2.  Treat people nice, because you are going to see them again, and because it’s the right thing to do. ( See # 1 above)

3. Everywhere in Collingwood is a 5 minute bike ride.

A friend of mine who I know from CrossFit had her nice new shiny bike stolen last Sunday April 13th, 2014.

It was locked up on a post, and stolen from outside of Indestri CrossFit located at 200 Mountain Road in Collingwood.

Someone cut the lock on the bike and took it. There is quick access to the Collingwood trail network from there.

Now with the power of social media and sharing this around I’m sure we can find the bike thief who stole this.

Image 2

Here is the description of the bike: 

Rocky Mountain Trailhead Silver in Colour

Black Bomber Marchozzi Front Suspension Fork with Red Stickers

WTB Saddle or Seat

Shimano components and rear derailleur

Black Crank Arms

Flat Pedals

Standard Size Wheels Alexrims TD24

Disc Brakes front and Rear.

Bike thieves won’t change the seat


How Bike Thieves Disguise or Sell Bikes:

1. Spray paint. They will paint the frame and hope that no one notices that is a stolen bike. It’s pretty easy to figure out it is stolen if you see a bike with shiny components and a flat black paint job . If they don’t paint the bike, they will take all the decals off of the frame and the shocks. 

2. Grind of the serial numbers. Most people don’t register their bikes anyways, but if you have those numbers than this is a sure fire way to get your bike back and prove it’s yours to the police if you find a perp riding your bike around. If you don’t know your serial number on your bike, then go out and take a quick picture with your phone and save it for future reference.

3. They sell them on Kijiji or Ebay or some other online retailer. Most will sell well below MSRP because they want to move it quickly.

How to Help Prevent your Bike from Being Stolen

1. Buy a good U lock. If people want your bike they will get it, but a good u style lock is harder to get off than a chain or a combo lock.

2. Take your seat or wheel. Most of these bikes have quick release and the bad guys simply cannot ride them away. They will move onto an easier target.

3.  Bring your bike inside. Not all businesses allow this, but some people will get it. I think my bike is worth more than my car, so if you want my business, then you will allow it.

4. Use more than one lock. I know it sounds like overkill, but do you want to keep your bike?


Let’s find this bike and get it back to it’s rightful owner! 

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Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

marks gym sweet potato recipe

6 sweet potatoes
1 Tbsp of rosemary
1 tsp of Cumin
2 Tbsp of paprika
2 pounds of decased sausage
2 small onions
2 yellow or red peppers
Green onions
Old cheddar

sweet potato hash recipe Cut sweet potatoes into small cubes and start frying in coconut oil or bacon grease. Cut up red peppers and onions and add to mix. Add all spices and mix together. Add green onions near the end before serving.

Take the skin off of the sausages and cook them in small chunks, you can add them to the sweet potatoes later.

Cool with lid on to help steam the sweet potatoes. Keep stirring frequently.

Cooking time is approximately 35 mins.

A favorite at the fire hall on Sunday mornings!

Cook up a couple eggs and crack them over the top. Awesome paleo primal friendly recipe. Cook it in larger batches to save for the week.

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