Month: September 2010

Marathon Runners Showing Negative Cardiac Changes

So I checked out the Canadian Running Magazine site and tried to find this article online with no luck.

Long slow hours of training are possibly setting us up for poor health and a future risk of heart attacks. This isn’t new news. Jim Fixx who wrote the best selling book back in 1978 The Complete Book of Running died while running at the age of 52. Shocker?! Counterintuitive? I think it’s time that we possibly examine what type of training we are doing, and how it affects our long term health. The old adage that more is better doesn’t seem to be holding up,  and in fact it appears that exercise and cardio (long slow distance) could be shortening our lives?!

I’ve been following CrossFit Endurance for the last few months with great running success and I train very few hours a week.

Maybe we should look at the research and not just follow popular uneducated opinion.

Source: Canadian Running Magazine July and August 2010 Issue